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Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Marketing of Research

An inspirational experience at SCCS Hungary - guest post by Nora Thieme

Enthralling how vast conservation biology topics can be. Mind-opening plenaries, practical workshops, energetic presentations: learned some simple, but practical ways, how to make a good presentation, new for me, only finished the bachelor degree. Ten minutes talk, need to convince the audience – a very short time, can’t tell everything…  Stressful… Of course every topic is important… but yours is the most important for you! Why else are you there for? To learn of course, widen your mentality, networking, but still… And you only get ten minutes..! So you overcome your emotions from public speech and your antisocial behavior, and motivate yourself: “Why am I here, why did I come? Why is social approach in conservation of Carpathian brown bear so important in a developing country? I’d like to see the sparkle in this people’s eyes – they got the message!” Need to find the shorter way to make “a hook”, and make a point. No need to tell everything, to present the circumstantial methodology and full particulars… If people gain interest, they will ask anyway… you’re not at school anymore! But a powerful message is needed, presented in scientific language – great experience! Feels good to be in brainstorming environment!

Post written by Nora Thieme, a M.Sc. Candidate at the University of Babe -Bolyai in Romania. You can contact Nora  by email: thiemenora(at)gmail(dot)com. 

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