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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Flamingos at “Point d’Or"

BoD trip advisor #1 to Montpellier

A less important report from BoD members in Montpellier

Tram line 3 brings you to the beach and a guarantee to see Flamingos. However, it comes with adventures if you at the same time consider going to the airport. Highways with heavy traffic blocks birdwatchers from the beach itself, if not brave enough to jump and run. The way to the airport appears deceivingly simple, maybe only 1000 m’s the way the bloody birds fly. Between the desired target (airport check in) and the birdwatchers is a boring industry area with no sidewalks. Zig-zacking through concrete buildings and parking lots takes you eventually (if lucky) to the gypsy (no offense to them!) camp and hoards of barking aggressive dogs. Some walking along the highway in the hot sun holds some promise to eventually make it to the airport entrance. At our scouting excursion the weather was nice and the spring flowers blooming, but in hot August this could potentially be the metal smelter from hell. Maybe some heat loving lizards like the place, but with 20 kilos of luggage on tow or in the rucksack this is a potential nightmare. Yet, the Flamingos are to be seen for those keen on adventures!

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