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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Towards Montpellier (ECCB-ICCB 2015) – report from Riga

One of the most important issue during the Europe Section Board meeting in Riga, Latvia (25-27 October) was the upcoming joint European and International Congress for Conservation Biology . The congress will be held in Montpellier in 2015 and is expected to be a large gathering of both European and international audience. Prominent French conservation professionals and organizations are involved as local organizers and support the European and the international conservation community of SCB to work towards a successful conference. 

The Board received the committees’ reports on the last few month. As an invited participant,  Maria Trivinio de la Cal represented the Student Affairs Committee challenges and the advancements on social media (link). The Membership Committee reported on the current membership of 560 in the Section and discussed the promotion of  launching national conservation biology congresses wherever there are no such meetings yet. The grassland evidence collection through the internet (link) proved the dedication of SCB membership to engage in particular policy-relevant action. The Education Committee needs to get a fresh start and a new chair is to be appointed. 

As almost half of the members will be replaced in 2014 due to the upcoming elections, the Board will significantly change in the coming months. In the next meeting (2014 winter) the renewed Board will visit Montpellier and the local organizing committee to continue the work  towards a successful I/ECCB2015.

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Unknown said...

I am very excited about the upcoming ICCB/ECCB in Montpellier. What are the focus areas or topics that will be covered?