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Friday, 15 June 2012

Subalpine wood-pastures in the Italian Alps

 A consistent reduction of the wood pastures was observed in all the studied valleys with a percent decline ranging from 47% to 95%. Open and semi-open habitats were strongly fragmented as a consequence of a reduction of their surface area and number of patches. Higher regeneration density was positively associated to wood-pastures located in close proximity to human settlements and shepherds huts. These researches gave the evidence of a transforming landscape, where the wood-pasture is progressively disappearing resulting in a simplification of the traditional complex mosaic of the Italian alpine valleys. Conservation through silviculture and grazing is suggested in places where tourism and livestock grazing are still present. In such valleys, a portion of wood pastures, located near the active pastures, could be conserved and/or restored to maintain the cultural landscape for naturalistic and tourist purposes. 

Matteo Garbarino and Renzo Motta
University of Torino, Italy
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