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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

2nd Forum Carpaticum conference will be held in Slovakia, 2012

The Forum Carpaticum is an open meeting of the Science for the Carpathians (S4C) initiative, which is a regional network targeting at mountain research in the Carpathians. In 2011 the
S4C network connects almost 400 scientists in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary,
Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and the Ukraine.

The objectives of the S4C are:
· Develop and implement the Carpathian Research Agenda
· Promote research collaboration across disciplines and national boundaries
· Coordinate research on the Carpathians throughout the region
· Produce peer-reviewed papers and synthesis articles
· Foster dialog between research and practice
· Serve as an information and communication platform in the Carpathian region

See here the Scientific Steering Committee of the S4C !

the 1st Forum Carpaticum dedicated to the “Integration of nature and society towards sustainability” was held in Kraków at the Jagiellonian University from 15 to 18 September 2010. One of the conference’s products, the Research Agenda for the Carpathians was presented to third conference of parties –COPIII- of the Carpathian Convention in Bratislava 2011.

The Science for the Carpathians (S4C) initiative invites scientists, representatives from policy, economy, and management interested in the Carpathian mountains to the

2nd Forum Carpaticum
From data to knowledge, from knowledge to action
Stará Lesná, Slovakia, 30 May – 2 June 2012

The 1st FC2010 identified the need for better information on data generation, availability, and accessibility in the Carpathians, especially related to pan-Carpathian datasets. FC2012 will address this need by covering the whole Data-Knowledge-Action cycle, i.e. focusing on how data are generated and transformed into useful knowledge, how the knowledge is transferred to policy and practice, and how it can feed back to research planning. Apart from identifying the recent state of the art, the FC2012 wants to discuss and propose measures to improve the Data-Knowledge-Action cycle.

For more information
· about the conference (;
· about S4C (;

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