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Thursday, 4 November 2010

The BOD meets in Paris!

The BOD has been welcome at UNESCO in Paris by Salvatore Arico and worked during 3 days.. but also took time for a little walk up to the Eiffel Tower!
Many topics have been discussed: each chair reported about the activities of his/her Committee, highlighting important subjects like the necessary recruitment of more European members, the involvement of SCB-Europe in big international initiatives (IPBeS), survey on Natura 2000, the advancement of educational activities, increased relationships with NGO and decision-makers, and the dynamism of the new student committee... much more details will be available on the Europe webpages on or by contacting the chairs.
The Europe section will also work on a strategic plan for the section, based on the global strategic plan issued by the SCB, in order to adapt it to the challenges faced in Europe. It will be accompanied by an Implementation Plan to identify actions and programmes. Thanks to the success of ECCB meetings, the Europe section is given more and more opportunities and responsibilities by the Executive Office, and the future is very promising. If you want to join a Committee and/or the BOD, please express your interest, you are much welcome, and as you can see, our meetings are always very friendly!
Illustration, from left to right, in the back: Andras Baldi (President elect) - Rob Marrs - Martin Dieterich (President) - Salvatore Arico - Bengt-Gunnar Jonnson ; in the front: Nuria Selva, Barbara Livoreil, Barbara Mihok (coordinator).

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