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Monday, 19 January 2009

ECCB abstract submission

I was deeply involved into the organisation of the 1st ECCB in Eger, 2006. Then, we invested a lot efforts to provide possibilities for social activities. Now I have some insight to the organisation of the 2nd ECCB too. I can confirm that the organisers do a great job. Did you find on the registration page the many exciting programs, from bat watching to exploration of the university's own brewery? Imagine a day, start with beer tasting in campus, then all day science, and finally some bat watching! And many more - this is what the organisers offer.
At the moment, however, the main task is on the conservation biologist community. That is, to submit abstracts until 31 January. Although the abstract-counter nicely increasing day after day, we should still urge our friends and colleagues to join the congress. Please help ECCB and the Europe Section of SCB with spreading the information about the congress as widely as possible.

András Báldi

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