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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Building collaboration at the African Congress of Conservation Biology

Guest Blog Post by Francisco Moreira

Goats in Argan trees (Argania spinosa) of Morocco.
Photo: F. Moreira
Next week (4-8 September 2016), I am representing Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) European Section at the 3rd African Congress of Conservation Biology (ACCB), El Jadida, Morocco; organized by SCB-Africa Section.

I am on the ACCB scientific committee, and will be leading: (i) a discussion about building collaboration between SCB-European Section and SCB-Africa Section and (ii) a round table discussion to identify “priority questions for biodiversity conservation in Mediterranean regions in Africa”. The round table discussion at ACCB adds to my ongoing work as leader of the ad hoc Mediterranean Working Group within SCB European Section. The goal of the round table at ACCB is to identify priority questions that, if answered, would guide more successful conservation actions in the five Mediterranean-type regions of the world.

My participation at ACCB is supported by both SCB-Africa Section (waiving registration fees) and SCB Executive Office (travel and accommodation). SCB European Section believe this is the beginning of exciting future of joint initiatives with SCB Africa Section!


About the author: Francisco is REN Biodiversity Chair holder at Centro de Investigação, Biodiversidade e Recursos Genéticos at Universidade do Porto in Portugal, and is a Board Member on the Society for Conservation Biology – European Section.