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Saturday, 7 March 2015

SCB Europe Section Board Meeting - Montpellier

We are glad to announce that the Board of Directors of the Europe Section is holding its Board meeting with the biggest attendance ever. This is indeed an important meeting as the Board is very busy, preparing the forthcoming ICCB-ECCB in August 2015. The Board is joined by local co-workers from Agropolis and Europa, the local organizers of the conference and Nathan Spillman, coordinator of the Global SCB. Together, the group has resolved many organizational issues related to ICCB-ECCB.

The BoD in the Corum

On the first day, we had fruitful discussions and answered many of the outstanding questions about social events, student activities and keynote speakers planned for ICCB-ECCB 2015. The resulting plans will definitely lead us to an interesting, diverse and well attended conference in Montpellier, a real Mediterranean city on the seaside of South-France.

The BoD at the entrance of the Corum
On the second day, we had an onsite meeting in the heart of the city at the conference venue, Le Corum. During our meeting, we ensured that the Corum is a professional, well equipped and nice place to host plenary talks, workshops, and a hall for posters, exhibitions, career fair and other exciting programs. We managed a lot of tasks, including scheduling conference sessions, allocating rooms and finalizing review of abstracts. 

We are all having a great time in Montpellier, tasting  local cheeses and wines, and very much enjoying that the weather is turning to sunny and less windy.

BoD meeting at Agropolis in Montpellier

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