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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Greek Summer School runs again

SCB Europe members may well remember the successful series of the Summer Schools in Conservation Biology, organised in the mountains of Greece, in the beautiful village of Papigo. In the years 2010-2012, it ran with financial support from the EU Erasmus Program, but this can be obtained only once, for three years, and cannot be renewed. 

At the last of these courses, some of us, teachers at the GSS, decided to try to carry on the idea, now with minimal outside support. After two years of preparations, we suceeded, and the SCB Greek Summer School in Conservation Biology will run again. The location is in the village of Ano Pedina, also in the Zagori Mountains, NW Greece, not far from the previous location. The focus will be on field methods for biodiversity asessment, and the theory and practice of biodiversity characterisation. 

All of us will head to Ano Pedina on Sunday 22 June, to start the two-weeks long course. The course is an official part of the course profile offered by the University of Ioannina, and participants may earn 6 ECT credits if they successfully complete the course. Teachers come from Greece, Denmark, Italy, and Germany; participants are from Russia, Finland, Denmark, the UK and more. 

We will be sending frequent and illustrated from-the-field reports to the blog. Watch this space!
Gabor Lövei
Member of the Organising Committee

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