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Friday, 26 July 2013

Good news from ICCB2013, Baltimore

The International Congress for Conservation Biology is going well. You can find a blog entry from Barbara Mihók, yesterday, and much information is on twitter.

This will be a short note from the 23rd July. I am happy to report that Bill Sutherland was awarded the SCB’s Distinguished Service Award. The Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of conservation biology. Bill has been the main proponent behind the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, and ConservationEvidence.com, an online journal and website documenting and collating the effectiveness of conservation interventions. He was given this award for his work in applied conservation and his work on the revolutionary idea of “evidence-based conservation.”

It is also time to thank Bill for his continuous support to SCB Europe Section, including his significant input to each of the European Congresses of Conservation Biology.
András Báldi

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