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Thursday, 13 December 2012

It's Time You Ask The Questions - Call for students' contribution

Soon we intend to start a thematic series in the blog where we ask established, well known researchers and practitioners in the field of conservation biology to answer the questions created by students.

We hope that with this series we could help students interested in conservation biology in thinking about their career and perspectives. In addition, we also hope to provide interesting, personal perspectives of well established conservationists about our discipline. 
So Dear Students:  send a maximum of five most relevant questions you would ask to a senior conservation biologist. In this way, we hope that the responses will be relevant for you. We will then select a workable and representative set of qu
estions which will be forwarded to a panel of conservation biologists from different career path (NGO, academia, government, consultancy, etc).

Please send your questions to Tibor Hartel at hartel.tibor@gmail.com

by 1 January, 2013.

We would be grateful if you would indicate i) your age and ii) your country. If you are not student please indicate the academic degree (if any) and field of experience.

Please put Questions for conservation biologists in the subject title.

We will maintain your name anonymous.

Thank you very much,
The Board of SCB-ES

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