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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Conservation science's future in good hands - Student Award in ECCB2012

Yesterday ECCB had the Student Awards finals, we had 8 students from United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, and Portugal.

Student Award Session
 The winner was Bernard Coetzee, South Africa who's talk  was titled: "Protected areas achieve significant conservation outcomes". The second classified was Sonja Braaker from Switzerland: "Are green roofs stepping stones for arthropods in an urban landscape?" The third classified was Moreno Di Marco, Italy with the presentation: "Detecting priority mammal species for reassessment to improve Red List estimates of extinction risk".
Piero Visconti: "And the winner is..."

The Student Award session and ceremony were both crowded and we heard interesting stories about shrimps clutching on ducks, how to make Red List reassessment more efficient, how to cultivate critically endangered mussels, or whether green roofs can aid connectivity for spiders and carabid beetles. We thank the judges for their thorough work and all the participants for their high level contribution. Congratulation!

Piero Visconti, Nuno Curado
Student Affairs Committee, SCB-ES

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