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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

BoG meeting in California

The Board of Governors of SCB held its meeting on 19-20 July at the University of California at Berkeley. As president of the Europe Section (which has a Board of Directors, BoD  – just to clarify terminologyJ), I am a member of the SCB BoG. The meeting was scheduled just after the first ever North American Congress of Conservation Biology (, which was a great success.
The SCB BoG meeting started with a meeting of section presidents, where we agreed that further internationalisation of SCB is the proper strategy for the society to become a real „global community of conservation professionals”. I am gladly reporting that Paul Beier, president of the society, and presidents of the North American section Dominick DellaSala and the African section Edward Mwavu will be present at the 3rd ECCB in Glasgow. This will provide a great opportunity to learn more on SCB beyond Europe.

András Báldi
SCB-ES President

András Báldi, SCB Europe Section President waiting for the BoG meeting to kick off

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