We want you to know what is going on in the BOD, our meetings, our actions, members leaving, the new ones elected,... but text written in this blog cannot be taken an official position or statement of the Society for Conservation Biology. Probably it is not even an official statement of the section... as these need to be approved by the members.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Towards a successful ECCB 2012 - 2nd day of the Board Meeting

In Saturday Owen Nevin, Chair of the Local Organizing Committee joined the Board via Skype to discuss the latest news and progress in organizing the ECCB2012. The schedule of the scientific program has been finalized. Involvement of students is a high priority aim of the congress, and Piero Visconti, the representative of the Student Affairs Committee has reported on the advancements in launching the student award, the social event organized for students and the possible 'Meet the professors' session. Finances and sponsors were also discussed in details. In addition, the Board members reviewed the abstracts submitted to the Congress. After the hard day an evening walk in the Castle Hill in Budapest and a nice dinner on a boat closed the Saturday program. On Sunday, the BoD continued with the Section's strategic issues.
Besides the SCB-ES meeting the Botanical Garden also gave place to a bigger gathering - numerous chatty woodpeckers, great tits and all other species.

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