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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Board Meeting In Hungary 16-18 March

The Section Board will meet this week for its regular semi-annual discussion in Vácrátót, Hungary from 16-18 March. The upcoming 3rd ECCB will be a focal issue during the meeting in addition to the strategic discussions on the committees' aims, plans. We will keep you informed!


green investing said...

That's good news. I hope there will be a healthy representation of young people like from your previous blog post. By the way, is there any place on this blog that describes how one can join your organization? I am involved indirectly in this sector.

Barbara Mihok said...

Yes, we have a member of the Student Affairs Committee in the Board with us, student representation is getting more and more emphasis in the Section's work. You can join the Society and the Section on the following link:
Or: write to
But thanks for the idea- we will make it visible on the blog page, too.