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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

SCB Chapter in Hungary is registered

Following the launch of the SCB-ES Chapter Initiative in the autumn of 2011, the Hungarian SCB Chapter  has been successfully registered in January 2012. The Chapter aims to organize a series of different meetings, workshops and conferences of conservation biologists and conservation professionals in Hungary. Activities will embrace and continue the work of the already well-established organizing committee of the Hungarian Conference for Conservation Biology (HCCB) (www.mtbk.hu).

Through the Chapter Initiative the SCB Europe Section  intends to facilitate and encourage the establishment of SCB chapters in Europe to promote more local commitment for the sake of European biodiversity. Such chapters will be particularly crucial in Europe due to our diversity of languages and approaches – especially as conservation practice in Europe usually depends on people using their native languages.

Please contact the Board (europe@conbio.org) if you would like to form a local SCB Chapter! As Raphael Arlettaz, Chair of the Membership Committee wrote: "The Section leadership is keen to assist you in planning, organising, publicising and executing your plans, and we will seek to provide support to turn these plans into a success. We also hope that this will boost conservation activity, provide new avenues of discussion and collaboration, increase the membership in the Society and bridge the science-implementation gap in biodiversity conservation."

For more informtaion on forming new chapters, please click here.

Barbara Mihók
SCB-ES Co-ordinator

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