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Friday, 26 February 2010

A SCB - Europe Section meeting coming up

Northern Primeval Forests:
Ecology, Conservation and Management,

August 9-13, 2010 at Mid Sweden Univ. Sundsvall, Sweden

Despite long land-use history of forest harvesting and agricultural use in many part of the Northern hemisphere, sizeable areas of forest remain unmanaged and largely undisturbed by man’s activities. These remaining primeval forests not only harbor unique conservation and recreational values of global significance, but also represent important reference areas, critical to our understanding of current forest structure, composition, and processes. The year 2010 stands out critical since it is the year when the global loss of biodiversity should have been significantly reduced. This represent a major challenge also in forested regions and the conference aims to provide a review of the current status and trends in relation to the loss of forest biodiversity. By gathering researchers, administrators and conservation managers from a wide spectrum of regions and disciplines the conference may also provide a starting point for dedicated and scientifically well founded strategies to deal with the threats to forest biodiversity.
Please join us for this unique opportunity to meet and discuss forests and forest biodiversity!

Registration and abstract submission due April 1, Late registration until June 15. http://www.prifor2010.org/

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